The Uncomfortable Truth, Life as a Mom

When you’re a mom everything is a possible talking point when it comes to your kids. Since Jacob was born my world has changed, privacy went out the window the moment he was born. I will spare the details, but if you have given birth or are in the medical field you can imagine. He was born naturally and was fed naturally so you can imagine that privacy was shot when he came into this world. As time went on it only got worse, taking a shower involved playing peek a boo, going to the bathroom with a kid on your lap, (sometimes eating), trying to change your clothes without the door flying open. I lived in a house without locks and thus no privacy. I have never liked the idea of nudity, makes me uncomfortable, especially when you are self-conscious about your figure. Jacob had taken his curiosity to new heights since Parker was born a girl, and potty training started.  He noticed differences in body parts, so he knew the difference between mommy and daddy and then Parker and himself. It was a simple observation with a pretty easy explanation, God made male and female we are different.

Lately though it has gotten a bit more complex, for instance my breasts are often referred to as to what both Jacob and Parker used to get food from. Great not a big deal except when you are trying to change or shower or when every person who has an infant here, will just casually whip out to feed their child. This is fine, it is natural and I am glad that I was able to provide that healthy service, but now they are out of commission. The other aspect of motherhood that has to take place in order to have these beautiful children is not what I want to be explaining. “Where do babies come from?” You know that simple question where you can just say, mommy’s belly. Well when you have no privacy especially now that you are using a latrine and it’s that wonderful monthly reminder that you are a woman. And the questions start getting a bit more intrusive, “Mom what’s that?, AHHH why are you bleeding?, Is that like a bandaid? Where does that go?” I have given a variety of answers, but just recently I said all this happens to mommy because she had Jacob and Parker. So obviously that meant that tampons=babies and thus mommy is having a baby. NO it means mommy is not having babies nor does she want to.

All this to say, I am not looking forward to these amazing questions that life brings to us. However it does lead to some interesting conversations that point back to God and his miracles. As uncomfortable as being a parent can be, it allows me to tell the truth to my kids, to teach them truth from the scriptures. That God doesn’t make mistakes and he created male and female and he created them to create life. God intended for life to matter and that the babies that this mommy had were blessings and are not to be destroyed. What a huge responsibility to be a parent, and sadly our World is leaving these lessons to be taught by others instead of parents. This world is making it much harder to speak the truth too as there is so many lies out there confusing our young people. If you are a parent, if you believe in Christ, make sure that you are speaking truth to your kids. (No matter how uncomfortable it may be)


One thought on “The Uncomfortable Truth, Life as a Mom

  1. I don’t think I will ever forget the feeling of being in the hospital about to give birth and looked up to see no less than 10 medical professionals as my legs were open wide. No more privacy.

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