The struggle is real…pb&j sandwich making real

The struggle is real

I have a challenge for you go one hour without using your dominant hand. So if you’re a lefty only use your right, righty only use your left. Now try a day, how about a week, 3 weeks (that’s me); what if it was for a lifetime? Think of all the things you do in a day; add in kids and a job.

Sleeping, you can’t lay on your arm and if you can’t stay in one spot the entire night then you wake up every time you try to turn. Bathroom time, wiping, washing hand, showering/bathing without getting your arm wet and then washing and rinsing your hair. Drying is probably the easiest except if you are trying to wrap the towel around you. Try putting your hair up in a ponytail holder, getting dressed is fine if you don’t have to hook a bra, zip or hook a button. Try tying your shoes (stick to sandals or boots). Add in dressing kids and helping them with all the things you do for yourself (not to mention that I don’t have an infant).

Meal making x3 try opening any jar lid, cutting open something you don’t want to spill that is in a bag, cooking on the stove top especially flipping food over (the pan moves if you don’t hold it fyi) try spreading peanut butter or butter on bread. Cutting something with a knife not recommended. You are allowed to use your elbow and armpit if necessary.

Cleaning, general pick up is easy, but sweeping and then sweeping into a dust pan, mopping and wringing out the water, hanging and clipping clothes on a line to dry, washing dishes, making beds, racking the yard (of dog poop too). All difficult tasks with one arm, don’t believe me try it.

I know I have forgotten a few things but you hopefully get the idea of the challenge, even typing this was a challenge. Especially since my “R” button doesn’t always wok, (see what I did there) and I am interrupted by a child who wants to be held. Oh yeah holding a child, avoiding the bumps to the arm and the fact they forget you can’t do all the things they want you to do.

All this to say, think of something that you may take for granted and take it away for even an hour and you will see how difficult life can be. Then think about someone who lives without that for long periods of time or for a lifetime. Thank God you are blessed and remember to think about others and how you might be able to help them out.

God Bless and keep on praying.


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