Too ambitious?

A little too ambitious

Do you ever find yourself having a million different ideas, but then end up feeling like you will never get to accomplish any of it? I dream big and I don’t think that I have too out there of ideas, just too many ideas for one person to achieve. I could achieve most of them if I had the capital it took to start them, I believe they are great dreams, just need someone else to believe in them too.

I think there are others out there like me who have great dreams, but don’t know how to get others to also believe in their dream to make it happen. I may not be able to achieve all my goals/dreams, but I am hoping that I can help others realize they too can have dreams and make them a reality.

I have achieved some goals I have set out to attain like finishing college, having a family of my own, starting a nonprofit, to name a few. Some goals I have now are educating kids, leading others to start a relationship with Christ, starting businesses to self-fund our ministry in Uganda. Some of the business ideas I have are, a restaurant that serves chicken and fries plus ice cream. We would train our teens in the program how to serve, cook, and the business behind running a small company. Sewing project making dresses and skirts, sell them to raise funds as well as teach and facilitate sewing and design. Start or partner with a school to start a missionary/expat school that is low cost out in our area to help those who work outside the major city to have closer affordable options, but still offer good curriculum and kids who relate to them socially. Unfortunately all these ideas need capital, an investment from someone who also believes in making dreams a reality. The other need is for our current ministry to be fully funded, in order for us to be able to continue to make the kids we serve dreams a reality.

So if you have any ideas or know any investors out there send them our way. Their investment would also be in people’s lives, not only a successful business. Sounds like a good idea to me 🙂


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