Wisdom…the journey

It baffles me how a parent and a child don’t know their birth-date. How could you forget something so amazing? How could you as a kid not know?  Well, because your parents never celebrated you, your birthday went unrecognized. You went to school making up a date or even a year just filling in the spaces. Sometimes they didn’t even spell your name correctly or you were not taught what letters made up your name. I am also baffled by the lack of parents even knowing where their kids are. It’s like they either trust their kids so much or they trust everyone else. The other day a child maybe one years old, I don’t know it couldn’t talk but could stand. Was standing butt naked in the road, unusually common here, we honked and she started crying. Wouldn’t move, so I got out and picked her up walked up the road and then stopped at the house at the end of the road. No questions from them, I say, “Do you know who this child belongs to? She was in the road, and wouldn’t move.” The young girl maybe ten, says she is mine, (I am guessing her sister) the lady at the house starts laughing (she is cooking food and I think the kid stopped there to get some food). I hand the kid over with a heavy heart wanting to just take the kid and find a home where they actually care about her enough to watch out for her.

I want to figure out now what the process is for this new movement that instead of orphanages they are working on finding relative placement or permanent foster families for kids to be able to be raised in the same “type” of environment. What does that mean for those kids? My job in the states at one time was working with families to “reunite” meaning their kids were removed and they had worked through the system to get them back. My job, make sure they succeed. I am wondering if my role in Uganda is changing, wondering if I should be part of these processes of teaching families how they can better help their children. No one likes being told how to parent, however those willing to learn, to think differently or even knowing its ok to be different and inflict change. I am all for culture, I am not looking to change those important aspects. However, I am for informing and challenging different ways to teach, nurture, support, and supervise. It’s important to learn and to grow as a person, parent, teacher and child.

What is my role? Right now I am a volunteer for Rising Star Ministries because we are not fully funded, so I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday specifically on the educational side of our ministry. On Wednesday and Friday I am also a volunteer at Acacia International School in the preschool and for now this allows Jacob to attend school 3 days a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I can’t get paid anything until I complete a teacher certification course and then apply for a work permit, allowing me to “work” and get “paid”. I am a wife and mother 24/7 and so for right now that is where God has placed me. I am trying to make sure that I am always in the Word and seeking after His plan for my life.

We are entering the 5th month of our journey here in Uganda.  We still don’t have our shipment, but it is apparently in the country though, so that’s a major accomplishment. We just finished an intense three weeks of holiday schedule with the kids at Rising Star and it was a major success. Jacob started school for the first time and is doing well (participating in songs even, for those who have spent time with him that is a major accomplishment). Parker is lovely and exhibiting her personality all over the place, and the two year old up and down behavior is exhausting most of the time. She calls everyone her friend and is a talker, she also will NOT sleep in.  I am driving in Uganda on Wednesdays and Fridays as I commute the long drive through Kampala to the other side of town for school. Pray for continued safety and success as this becomes the new routine. I just completed my 6 weeks of healing my broken wrist and still working on building up the muscle and flexibility. Keep us all in your prayers and continue to share what we are doing with others.


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