Wise Council…when people only tell you what you want to hear, Watch out!

2 Chronicles 18

When people only tell you what you want to hear… Watch Out!

The story of Ahab and Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles is one to consider in our lives. It was interesting to me that they both agreed that they should seek council before making a big decision. It was ironic that King Ahab hated Micaiah merely because he spoke truth that didn’t always favor the King. It’s also interesting that the “prophets” only told the King what he wanted to hear.  The difference in the prophets was who they were getting their information from, for Micaiah it was from the Lord.

It makes me think about my life as a parent. I try to advise my kids in the dangers of life, teach them what will make them in the end better off. But if they choose to not listen it usually ends worse than if they would have just took my word for it. Example, “Please wear your shoes if you’re going to ride your bike, because you could hurt yourself.” Moments later… “Mom, I need a Band-Aid (crying), I stubbed my toe.” “What are you going to do next time you ride your bike?” “Wear shoes.”

Sometimes in life we can advise, but we can’t always make our kids listen, so we let them learn the hard way. I think that God does that for us to strengthen our belief in Him. It says in the story in 2 Chronicles 18:18-27, that God allowed a lying spirit in the mouths of the prophets. So sometimes there will be people out there that are only telling you what you want to hear, but don’t have your best interest at heart. They are only looking at what telling you what you want to hear will do for them.

Right now I am typing this up and Parker is sitting in my lap falling asleep. She had a quiet time with her brother and friend Simon today, but chose to be silly and loud getting out of bed. Thus, now she is passed out and will miss the rest of the time with her friends. Maybe it was worth it to her to be silly, we will find out when she wakes up.

In Uganda there are barriers and one of them is relatable to this story. We have our program that is aimed at giving kids a great experience in life. An experience that is geared toward being a well-rounded individual. Teaching them that education is important, being active physically is important and having a spiritual relationship with God is important.  We explain that with our program these aspects are made available, but it is up to them to utilize them. We have given them the formula for success, but if they only listen to what they want to hear the success they have is short lived if lived at all.

Just like in the story we may not like the answer that God is giving us, and we may go ahead and ignore it. We may listen to bad advice because it’s what we want to hear. We may also condemn the one who is advising us, but watch out because it may end in more trouble.  Through God’s word I give you this advice, make sure you know the source of the one who gives you advice and if it matches up with the Word of God then, TAKE IT!

Have a blessed weekend.


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