Settling In

As some of you know we have been waiting “un-patiently” for our shipment of three pallets that we sent in May to Uganda. Well after much stress and craziness the shipment is finally here. I will spare you the details of the entire crazy process. So since Monday we have been sorting and settling in. Today it hit me the most that wow we are in our new home. It’s crazy how “your” stuff can make a house a home. I love it, pictures on the walls, books on shelves, even the toys for our kids that have already been strung out all over the house. It is also a bit scary, we have been here in Uganda for only 4.5 months, but it does seem a lot longer. It brings a feeling of home away from home, but it also makes me miss home a bit.

It is definitely a weird feeling.

Now that the house is feeling more like home the next task is to re-organize the ministry center/office. I bought stickers and colored them and will be using them to organize the books. Our kids have a tough time with putting things back how they found them as well as picking books at their reading level. The idea is to color code the books so they can put them back on the matching colored shelf, as well as follow the color codes to pick books at their level. It is wishful thinking I am sure, but my organizational and a little bit OCD self loves the idea. The other big task is to go through the shoes for football (soccer). Again, I am going to organize them by size and then they are getting numbers put on them to keep them organized. I also might have the kiddos that regularly “earn” boots to borrow have specific shoes that they wear. It may help with keeping them from getting ruined, another ambitious thought but one that we will test out.

Jacob has been settling in to a great routine of school. He is definitely growing leaps and bounds socially. Some great things that we are working on is sharing, accepting not being chosen, and following all directions. He is making friends and even has his first birthday party this Saturday. He earned his first merit the other day and he was so proud! He is praying at dinner every night, and is really thoughtful about what he is praying for, not the typical thank you for the food, amen. If he can’t think of anything toward the end of the prayer he will simply say, “Thanks for everything else.” So funny! He is often making us laugh and is still our little firecracker.

Parker is also adapting to spending a day with our neighbors and friends who have a 3 year old who she loves playing with. Innocently she refers to Emily (their mother) as her “new” mom. So funny, because we always just refer to Emily as Seth and Simon’s mom so she thinks that must just be her name. The past few days she has been fighting a fever and sore throat so keep her in your prayers that it will clear up once and for all as it keeps coming and going.

We said farewell to our “Muzungu” friends today as they head back home to Kentucky, they will be missed. We are thankful for our neighbors and new friends for the blessing they have been, the friends to our kids, and the sense of family that they bring to our lives. We are truly blessed and feel the love as we have gotten some lovely care packages from family, and enjoy skyping weekly. God is good and we are still settling in but we know that this is where we are meant to be at this time and for this season in our lives. God is always blessing us and keeping us motivated to continue to make His name known in this world.


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