The “Go Fund Me” Phenomenon

It is interesting how we as a society have started “go fund me” pages for just about everything. What happened to working for what we want? I get it after all I am a missionary who is not fully funded and am asking for support as well. But overall as a society we are not planning ahead we are living in the moment and that is the problem. We are in debt, we charge now and pay later, we want so we get or we ask others to get it for us. This in turn is hurting the entire society, it doesn’t allow for us to give to those truly in need. It doesn’t allow for us to have programs to educate young ones how to not fall into the same mistakes our parents made and we are now making.

Go fund me is a great idea, that like most ideas has been corrupted by the fund my new car, fund my rehab, fund my desires, fund my life. We need to be in a position to give but if everyone is asking for help, the tendency is to not help anyone. That is scary and sad. Here is a plug for Dave Ramsey, the man is a genius, as a young couple we learned about him a bit later than we would have liked. But I challenge us as a people to reevaluate what “needs” we have in life and what “wants” we are putting first.

All this to say give generously, love generously and live generously.


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