Merry Christmas from Uganda

It has been way to long since I have posted a blog.  Much overdue, but life has been so busy as of late and when I do get time to sit down, I am doing something else overdue. I had to make the time though to write about some recent life events that are making me grow spiritually. I was chatting with a new friend about all the recent obstacles and she was so encouraging when she said, “Well you must be doing something right.” I really hope that is the case, Satan is definitely trying to steal our joy these past days. But always praise be to God, things are looking up for us as of today.

Without going into all the dramatics of the past month, little and big things have been happening to discourage us. From theft, to things breaking due to lizards, two year old tantrums and Bilarzia. But this week was hard, leading up to Christmas when already emotions are high missing home. We had no power starting from Sunday and previously we were losing power more frequently especially at night. Sunday we had just bought groceries for the week so we could do our best and not travel around leading up to Christmas. The days were not bad we occupied ourselves with things to do, but at night it was hard. Our kids don’t do well in the dark and I don’t blame them it is pitch black and when it storms that brings a whole new component. Our prayers every day included, “Jesus, please bring the power back.” All our food spoiled, and today I had the fun task of cleaning out the fridge and freezer of now raw meat, unfrozen leftovers and curled milk.

Through the midst of the various struggles, God continued to show us His light. Glimmers of hope through answered prayers, memories to reflect, new memories made, and solutions to life’s obstacles.  In Uganda it is way too easy to get discouraged if you let it, we often play games like #SoUganda. It helps us laugh off the crazy that we see each day. The hope that we cling to is those moments when you treat your staff to a night out at KFC and they think it was the best thing ever (even though you ate 2hrs later than expected). When you are trying to teach kids to read and your own kid is learning faster than kids twice his age, so you get the idea to teach what he has been learning in school. When you are struggling because its Christmas time and nothing around you makes it seem like Christmas, but a friend sends a package with wrapped gifts for your family to open. When your kids are constantly fighting but then they make a deal to share the responsibility of the Advent Calendar to remember why we celebrate Christmas is Jesus. When your daughter sings two songs over and over at the top of her lungs but she is singing all about Jesus, songs she learned in Children’s Church. When your son is still battling health issues but is still extra sweet and kind. I can go on but those are just a few of the things that we are going through here in Uganda.

So please take away this from all that we are going through, whatever you are going through, God does have a greater plan to show you His love on the other side of your pain. God is always there, He is always listening, He has a plan, He loves you, and He is in control.

Merry Christmas, for Jesus is the Reason for this Season and every Season in your life!