Hot Sweaty New Year to ya!

I will say until you live without power, air circulation, or the reverse of no heat or fire making abilities; you have not experienced a real appreciation for those modern conveniences (necessities ;). While most of those whom I know and love are “suffering” in the cold, we are in Uganda sweating it up. It’s bad when you sweat round clock, and cold showers sound inviting. Seriously though, when you look forward to driving in Uganda, because your air kind of works in your car, you know you’re desperate. Today was a school day for me and we don’t have fans or air at school either and we were dripping all day. I got in my car and it took about 15 min, but cool air was coming out. Then I got home to find a powerless home, thus it is 85 degrees and no breeze (natural or manmade). Stinky, and greasy is all I can say to that.

I have though been so thankful because, I have experienced the comforts that Western civilization enjoys and I too took it for granted. You don’t think about not having air conditioning or fans until you don’t have power or it’s broken.  You don’t think that it would be a blessing to get a bill for electricity that involved being comfortable in your home. You don’t miss the heat of a home until the heat goes out or you run out of firewood. I remember complaining about paying bills, the air being too cold, or not cold enough, the heat too hot or having to use a blanket to get warm.

I am thankful, because I have experienced all those great inventions. I have never been homeless and on the streets in the cold of winter or the heat of summer. I have experienced power enough to know I miss it when it is out. Basically, I have been blessed enough to know that I have taken for granted how blessed I am. It is not until you are without that you truly appreciate what you had.

This New Year, I am not asking that you go without. I am asking that you think about how it feels to be without, and praise God that you have what you do. To not wish for more than what you have been blessed with. To think about others who go without and how you might be able to bless them. To not misuse, overuse or abuse what you have, that way you might be able to give to others what you have in abundance. Just some thoughts to pray on, you’re welcome ;).

Happy New Year, from our sweat to your frost, be blessed in the New Year.