I have always wanted to adopt and for me it wasn’t because I wanted a cute baby that didn’t look anything like me; so I could obviously be seen as a caring person. It wasn’t so I could take that child away from their parent; after all I did work as a social worker who reunified families. I am all for relative placement and having the parents work toward reunification with their child. What I see all too much is that there are so many kids in foster cares and orphanages ALL AROUND THE WORLD. You see abandonment comes in all colors, social class, and locations. Death can come at a moment and a child can be left without a parent. Endless scenarios, but that is not my focus in my thoughts today. My thoughts are more what is best for a child? I am a white American living in a different culture from my own. I am different by sight, sound and action. Children need a home, a family; but I am in a position where I don’t know what would be best for me to do. I am told to not adopt a Ugandan because they need to grow up with the same culture. I shouldn’t adopt from the states, because I would be taking them out of their culture. I don’t care what color their skin is, whether they come from China, Russia, Uganda, South Africa, Europe, or United States…I don’t care, but everyone else seems to think that it matters. I don’t know that it does, what I do know is that more people need to adopt. More people would adopt if there was less stigma attached, less financial strain, less pride, less excuses. I am not going into the issues of why so many kids need adopting, the fact is no matter the reason, the need to adopt is forever going to be present.

My question is when we are ready, who will be ready to let us.


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