Dali Utumwa – End Slavery

Here in Uganda at Rising Star Ministries we are pledging to help end it! The end it movement for us is about teaching the kids in our program how to safe guard against being trafficked. It is something that can and does take place daily in and around villages like ours every day. The ways that we have heard of it impacting the kids we work with are in promises for a better life. Promises that they will get school fees paid for and a safe place to stay while they complete school. Promises that they will get to play football for a select team and all their expenses will be taken care of.

The majority of our kids come from homes that usually only have one parent. That parent most likely works long hours and sometimes far from home.  That parent probably uses public transportation that can take several hours to get where they need to be. That parent has many mouths to feed, clothes to provide, school fees to pay, shelter to protect.

So when someone comes and gives them a promise of some help, they jump on it without hesitation, investigation or questions. Even parents who love their child, can be fooled into believing they are helping their child to a better life. Some parents who are overwhelmed take it as a much needed break, one less they have to worry about.

Today we talked with the kids on ways they can stay safe from being a target for trafficking. Told them to also look out for their friends and other family members. To talk to us if they ever are approached about school scholarships, studying abroad, or football select teams. We are also doing our part to educate parents, by requiring them to give permission in person for their child to join our ministry. When we recently took kids to their schools that were offering legitimate scholarships, we vetted the school as well as had the parent visit the school too. If we can lead by example then we are doing our small part in ending slavery.


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