The gift of sharing

I teach at an International school and some might think that I don’t see any needs. That everyone I teach and work alongside have it good especially financially. You see when you are in the “villages” needs are more obvious; more in your face. I bet you also go about your jobs and think about your coworkers as all having jobs, no real need. But what if you looked a little closer, who cleans your office? Who locks up at night or prepares the school lunch? Who do you see, but don’t hear? Well at Acacia some of the people you may not see or hear are the very people who work longer hours than me. They do the jobs that most don’t want to do. They help a lot in many areas whether it is in the classroom, the kitchen, the playground or outside acting as security.

A short time ago it was “teacher appreciation” and while I do think we should acknowledge all they do, I felt a bit weird. I felt like appreciation in general doesn’t happen enough. Mother’s day and Father’s day happen, but often people are left out. No special day is set aside to say thank you to them. I am proud of Acacia International School because we do have a few who “get it”; that there needs to be appreciation for all the people who make things “happen”.

A while back Parker had brought a show and tell and she was proud of a stuffed animal. One of the grounds keepers (do anything you ask people) James mentioned he wished he could get a nice stuffed animal like that for his child. He didn’t ask he just thought out loud. My assistant who is amazing and recently had a baby had just come back and all the kids at school were invited to wear pajamas and bring in a stuffed animal. She mentioned that nice stuffed animals are “so expensive”, again just thinking out loud.

I decided that my kids who have an abundance of stuffed animals could give up one. I sat down and talked with them and they agreed that they could find one stuffed animal that they could give. Parker also decided that for her birthday she wanted to invite “adults” to join in. So she wrote little invitations for the secretaries, the kitchen staff, the grounds crew, the security and the cleaning crew (and her principal).

mrjamesMsRachealSo if you could do me a favor, pray for those who are unseen. Do something kind for those who need a little acknowledgement. It doesn’t have to take much, everyone can find an area where they can sacrifice a little to make a big difference. Another thing, your children can teach you lessons in how to be generous, just keep encouraging them to think of others.


Don’t forget to say thank you

I am the wife of a coach. After another late night I decided that I wanted to let you in on my world as a wife of a coach. You see as with any relationship there is always someone you might not see or consider who is also affected by the spouse’s job. When his players need a ride, don’t get picked up right away after practice or a game, when no one comes to cheer them on…who is always there? My husband as a coach is always the first person to arrive and the last person to leave. He often has to eat on the run or warm up dinner, missing out on family time. When he wants more family time it means that his family often has to come to events, practices and games and cheer on other people’s kids. His family often hears the complaints from the parents and sees the demands of the process when the coach is working late. His family sees the hours he puts in to make sure equipment is maintained, uniforms are ordered, parents are informed, payments are made, matches are scheduled, practice space is available, manages the other coaches, settles disputes, and not to mention the actual job of coaching. And did you know my husband doesn’t get paid for any of that.

He also runs an organization which includes managing staff, building relationships with the community, finding donors, creating programs, and much more. Did I mention that he also volunteers as a coach at school, is on the parent council and is a dad? All that to say, I married an amazing man who shows his family that God is number one, working hard is to be respected, keeping promises is important, service is needed but not always valued, grace is always necessary and relationships take work.

So as you all have your own lives and responsibilities I just wanted to remind you to one, show some grace to your significant other. Show some grace to your kids’ teachers, coaches and leaders. But also don’t forget the families that those teachers, coaches and leaders have; who also have to make sacrifices you most often don’t see for the sake of others. Most of all, if you are also one of those who is a “be all” for others; you also need to prioritize time for self-care, because we as your family need you and we are proud of you.

Thank you to all the people in my lifetime that have been that person who has sacrificed for my betterment and for the betterment of my kids. Thank you for your service and you are not forgotten.