About Me

I have been wanting to do this for a while but due to the craziness of life, a full-time job, mother of a toddler, wife, and expecting baby #2 it took a few weeks to get it all set up. I am hoping that this blog will be inspirational, thought-provoking, funny, and relate-able.

Some background

I am almost 30 11-6-83 I have been married almost 7 years 10-7-06 to my wonderful husband Matt. We have two kids Jacob who is two on July 4 and Parker born May 20.

I was raised in Nebraska went to college in Bolivar Missouri at Southwest Baptist University and have a degree in criminal justice and upper level sociology. I have been a social worker  and most recently was a child behavior specialist. However my proudest work was as a missionary in Uganda which started in my second year of marriage and is still ongoing. Matt and I started Rising Star Ministries to help the children in Uganda change their future and ending poverty by starting early, teaching creatively, aiming high, and reaching potential.

I am looking forward to  sharing my life  with you.

*Update 12/25/2018 Currently serving as a Kindergarten Teacher in Uganda and still mother of 2, wife of 12 years, serving ministries in Uganda for 10 years.


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